Buy a Bike- Get a Free Pass to Ride The Lumberyard!

We are super excited to let our following know about a partner business and dear friend of ours- The Lumberyard MTB. The Lumberyard MTB is an indoor bike park in Portland, one of the only one of its kind.

This is why, if you need a BMX bike in Portland, We believe we are the best shop to find what you need! We have the largest selection and amount of distributors in Portland.

Also- you will gain the benefit of free lifetime service, and also you will get a FREE PASS to The Lumberyard when you buy a BMX from us.

The Recap:

  1. The Outer Rim has the largest selection of BMX in Portland, Oregon.
  2. There is an indoor park right down the street, so you can ride even when it’s raining!
  3. You get a free day pass when you purchase a bike from us
  4. The Lumberyard is a great for the family to ride together with all the weekly events happening at the YARD. Plus great food, and drinks if your thirsty!

Contact us today for more info!

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