Welcome to the Team Isaac Waits!


Isaac Daniel Waits

Born and Bred to Rip and Shred

DOB – 6/11/99
Preferred riding style: BMX

At the Outer Rim, we are super excited to build our footprint and presence of BMX in Portland. Isaac Waits encapsulates what we love about BMX and bicycle riding, which is why we are enthused to add him to our team! View the photos and stories below!

Whats the story behind this Boy Wonder?

It all started when Isaac was 2 years old. Unlike most kids his age he wasn’t interest in parties and hangin out with the ladies. There was something else that gripped him and started his life on the path to self-progression. Isaac’s first love was a 12” Fishers Price bike from a second hand store. He practically slept next to this overrated, department store, hunk of cheap metal. In his 3’s he took his Fisher Price to the Alpenrose Track and began racing. During the second weekend at Alpenrose, a company called Extreme Bikes, in collaboration with the Alpenrose Committee, Presented Isaac with a Felt Micro Mini racing bike. Not for winning races, but they could see the passion that fueled this kid and the attitude he had. As a gift on his 4th birthday he was surprised by a 16” Mosh BMX bike and continued to race until he was 7. A few years at the track and the drama started to become an issue with the parents and the overall race program itself. People were more concerned with having their children beat the other kids instead of focusing on the reason they were out there in the first place. Which is to have fun! He took a year to just ride his bike and get his focus when one day, by chance; he showed up at The Outer Rim bicycle shop and thus started his passions for BMX Freestyle. Isaac has been going to The Outer Rim to get parts, fix his bike, and hang out with the BMX Crew there for 5 years now. The Outer Rim Team has kept a close eye on this child prodigy for some time now and is proud to announce Isaac as their new Team Rider! The attitude and Passion that he has for the things he loves is just what everybody needs. Keep your eyes out for this kid at the Skate park, you never know if he Riding his bike or just dancing on wheels. Awesome kid, Motivating to watch, and Proud to have him a part of the Team!

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