The first BMX bikes were produced strictly for BMX Racing; dirt bike racing modeled in the style of motocross. Now the term BMX bike covers a variety of situations, including dirt, flats, parks, street and vert, in racing, riding and trick capacities. Along with the evolution of usage has come similar progress in the form of various gearings, wheels, sizings and accessories. BMX bike wheels range from 16 inches all the way up to 26 inches with 20 being the standard. Gear configurations on these bikes are many, anywhere from 36/13 to 25/9 or 23/8. Even the spokes differ based on usage, from the highs of 48 for extra weigh-bearing, down to 28 or less, often for younger riders and racers.

When searching for a bike, your local Portland BMX bike shop is going to be a big help to finding the right style and model for you. Whether you need Dirt (including Jump), Freestyle (Park, Street or Vert), Race or Flats, a quality Portland BMX bike shop like The Outer Rim is going to be able to help you make the right choice. The can also help you choose the best BMX bike accessories or beyond the BMX realm into Crusiers, Portland Mountain Bikes or anything else you need.


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