When you buy a bike from us, you gain…

The Outer Rim Advantage


There are many bike shops in Portland, Oregon, however, The Outer Rim is the only bicycle shop in Portland that offers you a Unlimited Free Lifetime Service Guarantee on all bicycles purchased. This means that if you need a tire changed, headset adjusted, brake pads replaced, or any one of our services, it’s on us.

    Click for The Full Outer Rim Advantage

    Click for The Full Outer Rim Advantage

    • Unlimited Free Lifetime Service On Your Bike
    • On any bicycle you purchase from us, as long as you stay the owner, you have the right to take the bicycle in as many times as you want for whatever services you want. Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on repair work that comes in the territory of owning a bicycle. You will only pay for your future parts- never the labor.

    • 10% Discount on all future purchases.
    • As long as you purchase your bicycle from us- you will receive a 10% discount on all future accessory purchases.