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What are your store hours?

Monday: Closed

Tues-Sat: 10 am-6 pm

Sunday: 1-5 pm


Can I return the bike I bought from your store?

Bike sales are non-refundable and cannot be returned. See our "policy" for more information.


If I call, can you give me an estimate on how much it will cost to get my bike fixed?

We cannot give an accurate estimate until we see your bike in person. You may need more or less done to your bike than you initially realize (which is okay! That's why we're here to help you!), so we do not give out quotes over the phone or social media. We can tell you the basic pricing of labor or certain parts, but it may not apply to your specific situation.


If I see a bike I love, should I shop around or make the purchase now?

We will never pressure you into buying a bike you don't love or isn't a right fit for you. We want you to LOVE riding as much as we do! That being said, especially in the current climate, it is incredibly had to predict inventory and our bikes are flying out of the shop before we can even get them on the sales floor. If you see a bike you are definitely going to want, we always recommend that you do not hesitate because we cannot guarantee it will be here when you come back, even it's in the same day! Bikes of all kinds are in very high demand right now and we want to make sure you don't miss out before the one you want is gone.


I sent an email/social media message with a question about inventory and didn't receive a reply. Why is that?

Our team is extraordinarily busy. The same people responding to your email or message are the ones running the sales floor and working on your bikes, so sometimes we simply don't see your message until after closing or several days later. The easiest and best way to get the most accurate answer about inventory or current stock is to call the shop.


The caveat to that is: we do not have time to shop via the phone. We're not trying to be rude, we're just insanely busy! If you have a question about a specific part or bike, we may be able to give a specific answer. If you call wanting a rundown of all the [insert bike type/part type here] we have, you will be encouraged to come in to the store. This is because 1) the inventory may very well change by the time you actually physically get here, and 2) we simply don't have the time to help people shop over the phone. And we like to see your smiling faces!


So the best way to get an answer to your specific question is to call; if your question is more general, your best bet is to come in and take a look around so we can help you find what you need.


Do you work on bikes?

Absolutely! We are a full-service repair shop. Please note: we do not work on any electrical components of e-bikes that we do not sell.


If I bring my bike in for a tune up, how long will I have to wait to get it back?

That will depend on the parts you may potentially need, but average turn around time on bikes that don't need parts ordered/replaced/installed is 1-2 weeks. You can ask for it to be prioritized, but that will be an extra priority fee charge (double the price of your labor charge).


Can I come test ride a bike?

Yes! We strongly encourage test rides so that you can find the bike that perfectly suits your needs and expectations!


Do I need an appointment to come in?

Nope! Our shop is first-come-first-served. Drop by at your earliest convenience within shop hours.




Bike sales are non-refundable and cannot be returned. Please understand that, when you purchase a bike from our shop, if you are unhappy with it, we are unable to return the bike. Before purchasing, you are allowed to test ride any bike we have currently available, and we highly recommend that you do so to make sure the fit and comfort level are to your liking. We are happy to help you find the perfect bike to meet your needs.



We do not ever loan our tools out. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this policy as we have had expensive tools repeatedly stolen from our shop. We are happy to install accessories that you purchase or help you change flats but be aware that this may come at an additional cost, depending on the situation.



We are sad to say that we have had to implement a policy regarding suspected drug and alcohol use or intoxication while in the shop -- if you are suspected of being under the influence, you'll be asked to leave and come back at a later time. This policy has been implemented to make sure that our customers and employees can be safe in our shop at all times. We thank you for your understanding.

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