Bike Service and Repair


All bikes welcome. We service and maintain all makes and models of bikes, inlcuding E-bikes. 

Service Rates

$10. minimum shop fee

All service is done on a first come first serve basis.   Rush service = Double the Labor charge. 

Estimate of Service $25

Cost of estimate will be waived after labor has been completed.

We also offer Wheel Chair Tire Service and Repair.



 Tube and/or Tire    $15

All E-Bikes    $25

 Chain    $10

 Pedals     $10

Pedal Cleats    $15

 Saddle     $15

 Fenders     $20-$75

Standard Rack     $25

Derailleur w/alignment and adjustment     $35

Crankset     $30-$40

Chainring     $15

Accessories     $10-$30

BMX Brake     $25-$75

Cassette     $25


 Headset     $15-$20

Derailleur     $20-$25

Brake     $20-$25

Hub     $15-$45


Wheel Truing  per wheel     $20-40

Cleaning     $65 per hour

Bike Assembly    $100

E-Bike Assembly   $200

Bike Boxing  Box and packaging included     $60-$100

Custom Wheel Build      $70-$100

Not sure what you need or don't see it listed?
No worries! Come on down to the shop and we will be happy to help.

Safety Check   $50.00

Check up for bikes that are in good shape

Check for safety and good functionality
Inflate tires
Minor adjustments
Lube of chain, cables and pivot points

Basic Tune-Up   $90.00

Keep your bike running smooth between seasons

Light cleaning
Adjust front and rear brakes
Adjust bearings
Touch true wheels

Lube of chain, cable and pivot points
Does not include labor for replacement parts

Full Tune-Up   $125.00

Comprehensive  yearly tune-up

Lube of chain, cables, and pivot points
Adjust bearings
True wheels
Clean derailleurs, cassette, chain and cranks
Adjust front and rear brakes 
Includes labor for replacement parts

Overhaul   $200.00

Make your bike like new 

Bike disassembly and complete cleaning
New brake and shift cables and housing
Overhaul of hubs and bottom bracket
Drivetrain cleaning
Includes labor for replacement parts

A La Carte Service 

Recommended Bike Maintenance

Before You Ride

Tire Inflation. The recommended tire inflation (PSI) is located on the side of each tire. 

Brakes. Check brake pads for rubbing or excessive wear. Spin wheel and check for any rubbing and for proper brake engagement 

Gears. Gears should shift easily and smoothly.

Wheels. Be sure wheels are secure and do not wobble. 

Every 3 months

Wheels. Be sure hub bearings are properly adjusted and greased.

Bearings. Bring bike in to have bottom bracket and headset checked.

Fasteners. Be sure all fasteners (nuts, bolts and screws) are secure.

Lubrication. Keep cables, derailleur, chain, and pivot points properly cleaned and lubed. 

Every 6 months

Frame and Rims. Inspect frame, rims and forks for any damage/cracks.

Keep your bike and components clean. Gently clean using mild soap and brush. Be sure to dry all components after riding in the rain. 

Every Year

Bring your bike in for a yearly Tune-up. Having your bike inspected by our trained mechanics will help keep your bike safe and running smoothly. 

We proudly recycle tires and tubes with Cycle Dog. Go check em out.