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In 2007, there was a woman who decided to use her passion for life & her love of people to serve her community by opening a bike shop in NE Portland. This woman was vibrant, welcoming, and compassionate to everyone who stepped foot through her doors. She walked through life with a spirit of generosity and believed kindness could change the world.


Nadine Jones, our founder, was unlike anyone else. She was full of childlike wonder and made everyone around her feel like they could do anything they set their mind to. In early 2013, cancer took her physical body from this world, but it left behind something else: her heart and soul.

Now, over a decade later, we stand just across the street from where Nadine first brough her vision to life. Our goal is to love our community and customers like Nadine did. We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel the way she made them feel: loved, valued, and important. Yes, we want you to get onto a bike you love (we are a bike shop, after all!) but, more importantly, we want you to walk away feeling like you've found a new friend in us!


We hope you love your bike, your community, and yourself a little more every time you come into our store.




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